You see, back in 2019, I was just your "average" guy...

And I do mean average in every sense of the word – including down there.

Did you know that the average penis size is 5.5 inches long?

But after my bride-to-be, Megan, practically confessed in front of the priest during our wedding that she cheated on me with my brother only because he had a bigger penis...

I was left speechless and felt like I wasn’t a man anymore!

And I was probably going to be facing a life of humiliation and betrayal for as long as I lived.

But it was that precise humiliating moment which made me yell:

“I had ENOUGH of this small dick!”

So I became absolutely obsessed to find something that would help me increase my penis’ size:

From $400 a bottle pills & gels with nanotechnology and gold-infused sprays from Japan... to $1000 penis extenders, pumps and traction devices, which never live up to their promises.At one point, I seriously considered injecting human fat into my penis to increase its girth…

And even wanted to go through the most extreme procedure out there, which involves completely splaying the penis and inserting a piece of cartilage into it before suturing it up again. But I admit - I got scared.

Can you even imagine that?

No man should ever try this.

Yet, after trying almost everything there is on the market, instead of gaining length…

I was bleeding thousands of dollars on unseless pills and pumps, as nothing seemed to work. Bottom line: everything was phoney as a three dollar bill!

I was mad furious!

Now… call me crazy, but, despite all that - I still believed there HAD TO BE a way to grow my penis. I never wanted to settle for a life of humiliation anymore. I was all in!

Because, as my dad taught me: “Real men never quit!”

So I pushed forward down the rabbit hole… And, please don’t judge me...But I did the the stupidest thing in my life, which almost made me lose my penis completely:

I went on the Dark Web, and got in contact with an Indian Shaman, who, after I paid $3000, agreed to teach me the secret penis stretching technique used by the ancient Indian Sadhus men for thousands of years to increase their member’s size and achieve those famous 2 hours long Kama Sutra orgasms.

Looking back now, at how easy and cheap it actually is to increase your penis, I feel stupid for spending all those thousands of dollars.

But back then I didn’t know better.

And, when I see my penis now, it’s a sacrifice I’ll gladly do all over again anytime. Anyway, mastering this secret penis stretching technique wasn’t an easy job: I had to constantly practice 3 times a day, for at least 30 minutes or more.

It was very tiresome and quite painful, because of all the sores I got.

Yet, after 4 months of constant lubing and stretching dedication,

I noticed something encouraging: my penis was half an inch longer!

I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry!

I mean… it wasn’t spectacular, I’ll give you that, but at least it was something, right?

I knew I was on the right track, yet, at this rate, I’d have to stretch my penis daily for at least 6 more years to add maybe 5 or 6 inches tops...

I yelled “Hell no!” and decided to speed things up, what could go wrong,right?

And one day, as I was furiously stretching my penis, frustrated that it took so damn long to grow, I heard a sharp “crack!”, felt an immense pain in my penis and everything turned black:

I’ve just broken my penis!

I ended up in the emergency room and the last thing I heard before fainting was a doctor saying “Poor man...we’ll have to amputate!”

I just cannot describe the immense fear I felt, and you can only imagine the horror...

So anyway, that's where this story would end…

But, fortunately enough, I recovered.

I lost the inch I gained because of the stretching, but at least I still had a working penis, thank God for that!

Small, but still functional.

Now, please pay attention, because things got really interesting:

You see, it was during my recovery when I met the man that would completely change my life and who I’m sure, will change your life too:

His name is Dr. Kleimer, and he’s a world renowned penis reconstruction specialist.

Now, if you haven’t heard about Dr. Kleimer, you’re lucky.

It means you haven’t had your penis broken, burned, cut or infested with flesh-eating bacteria.

Because that’s what Dr. Kleimer does: When all other doctors just shake their heads, he takes the most complicated penis-related cases and performs miracles.

With an experience of over 30 years and after treating and reconstructing thousands of penises he is the go to guy if you suffer any problem with your penis. During all my recovery period, we became very very close.

He was, indeed, not only a good doctor, but a good human being as well.

Of course, I told him my full story: how my fiancée embarrassed me in front of the priest and the whole family and how I tried everything under the sun to get a bigger penis.

He felt sorry for me and told me no man should endure such levels of humiliation.

But when I also told him about the “secret penis stretching technique”, which was the only thing that actually kinda worked, he calmly explained to me the science behind it:

You were on right on track with the penis stretching technique. It was not long ago mentioned in the Journal of Sexology. But there’s more to getting a bigger penis than that.

And without this knowledge, 99% of the men looking to increase their penis are simply destined to fight an uphill battle that they’re never gonna win.

But, before I tell you more, I want to be sure you understand the dangers lurking for you and your penis.

“You see,” he continued, “Millions of men out there have their penis’ health hanging by a thread and they have no idea about this”.

“I bet you didn’t know but every single day, your penis is pushed to the breaking point point with toxic pesticides hidden in our produce, brain-damaging chemicals dissolved in our water, and the calorie-rich nutrient-blank ‘frankenfoods' lining the shelves of your local supermarkets.

And all the toxins you put in your body are filtered by your kidneys and expelled out your body through urine… yes… via your penis. The problem is that not all the toxins are expelled and in time, the toxic gunk builds up inside you, slowly choking off the blood flow to your penis.”

I couldn’t argue with what the doctor was saying. And, as a matter of fact, I kinda knew all this, but, I confess, did nothing to protect myself against it.

Like everybody else, all I ever wanted was a quick fix to my small dick, when, in fact, the problem was way more serious than that:

  • Pollution,
  • Weight gain,
  • No exercise,
  • All those beers and late night drinks at the bar,
  • The fistfull of pills I took over the years,
  • The junk food…

All these were devouring my manhood like dozens of hungry piranhas consuming a bloody piece of raw meat.

“So, doc - what can we do about it?” - I asked, hoping for an answer that would save me.

Dr. Kleimer continued:

During all my 30 years of treating penises of all shapes and sizes, many men asked me how they can increase their penises.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a clear answer to give them, until I finally realized something

You see: the real reason for which no penis enhancement solution out there will ever work is quite simple:

None of them address the ultimate cause of a small penis…

The one everybody ignores: the brain!

I looked puzzled, so Dr. Kleimer continued to explain:

“Have you ever wondered why, during puberty, some men grow taller, more muscular, and - obviously- with a longer penis - while others remain short, skinny and with a small & short penis?

And if your answer is: “Better genes” - let me tell you that you’re dead wrong!

Yes, genes play an important role in how tall you’ll grow to be… or how many inches your penis will have.

But, after studying more than 2,300 cases during my 30 years-long career, I discovered something truly revolutionary, independently confirmed by researchers from Oxford and the University of Manchester, in the UK and many other places:

You see - what really "commands the genes" to actually make your bones grow longer, your muscles wider or your penis thicker is actually the brain, with the help of specialized neurotransmitters like GABA and HGH, which is the human growth hormone.

He explained: “During puberty - this is what the brain does: it sends GROWTH signals throughout all your body - including to your penis.

And you know what the best part is? Your brain never stops sending these signals to your penis.

That’s why sometimes it seems that your penis has a mind of its own…

And you get your morning erections or a stiffy in the most awkward moments!

Because that’s when your brain is trying to reconnect with your penis, sending him the growth signals.

And please let me ask you one more thing: You probably heard about Viagra, right?

But do you REALLY KNOW how & why does it work so well?

Let me tell you: it all starts with the arousal signals sent to the brain by a chemical in the pill. And the rest is history. Let me repeat that: the first thing that Viagra affects is not to your penis - but your brain!

Listening to doctor Kleimer I was completely blown away!

Call me crazy, but, even after all I’ve been through, after listening to what Dr. Kleimer had to say - I was 100% sure that I will finally be able to increase the size of my penis!

It all made so much sense!

The doc continued:

Unfortunately, once you are 16 or 17 years old, the puberty period ends, and the brain-penis connection is 93% cut off according to multiple studies…

This happens due to natural causes, as your body stops producing the necessary growth hormones and, of course, as you already know, because of all the toxins in the food, the pollution, the stress and so on…

That’s why the penis stops growing, and, as you get older, you get softer erections, which become increasingly rare…

Moreover, in many cases the penis even begins to shrink, leading to total impotence.

The fix for all of this, Dr. Kleimer believed, was to simply reintroduce some different chemical elements into your bloodstream…

As the doctor said:

It’s like restarting the growing process of your body, with a 90% focus on your penis increase.

The best part is that this it’s a completely natural process: you just give your brain the ingredients it needs to restart the growing process in a natural, organic way - the way nature intended it to be.

Also, all of these growth compounds & neurotransmitters, were already contained in dozens of foods, oils, extracts, and plants you could buy for $20 or less right at your grocery store.

But the problem, Dr. Kleimer said, was that no one had ever tried to combine all of these different natural organic compounds into one total and complete hyper penis enhancement solution.

Which meant he needed to start trying as many combinations of these different chemical compounds as he possibly could until he HOPEFULLY found one that worked.

And that’s where I came in…

I figured out that I had nothing else to lose, so, why the hell not?

According to Dr. Kleimer, because of the severity of the problems I had with my small penis...

He believed that if he could find the right formula and it really managed to force my penis to grow by at least 3 or 4 inches or more– even if the results weren’t immediate…

It would provide the scientific validation that his theory really worked.

In other words, if this thing could work for someone like me… a man who had a penis smaller than a lollipop, wimpy and which was also completely broken in two at one point…

Then it could work for anyone.

And so we went to work, with this brilliant scientist secretly experimenting on me.

Over the following two months, Dr. Kleimer had me go through hundreds of variations of these natural “brain-penis growth neurotransmitters” he’d identified.

I was eating all sorts of strange things, taking all sorts of weird plants and herbs, drinking weird teas – you name it.

There were days where something would seem to be working, and my penis seemed to gain an eight of an inch both in length and girth.

And when that happened, Jane, his small and delicate nurse, would note down my penis’ measurements and the exact herbs and ingredients I’d taken the day before.

At first, I felt very humiliated and embarrassed to have another woman looking at my small penis, as she had to measure it daily… But, there was no stopping now.

And besides, I knew that Dr. Kleimer wasn’t looking for something temporary - a quick fix that wouldn’t last…

He was looking for something that would not only increase the size of my penis, but something that would powerfully transform me as a man…

Something that would add more sexual vitality and that would supercharge my energy and boost my entire system & body.

For the first week or so, I didn't see any major growth…

Except for some strange feeling that something was going on inside me…

Like a surge of energy coming from the brain and spreading throughout my body…

I also definitely noticed an uplifting of mood - my emotional pain was not as intense, I was better focused and more alert.

It was exactly as the doc said: “the first effects will not be at your penis level, but at your brain level.

But on Day 9, after my first initial increase... when I woke up with my morning wood (which had been pretty common since starting this experiment)...

I was shocked when Jane came to measure me and see that I'd grown from 5.7" to 6.1"...

I almost felt like maybe it was a mistake or she wasn’t measuring properly…

But the look on her face when she saw my throbbing penis and how she began to lick her lips while she was noting down the increase…

I knew that we were on the right track!

And, as the days continued to go by, any doubts I had quickly vanished.

On Day 11, I noticed my body was more muscular, and I was checking in at 6.5"...

On Day 14, my "little" guy was up to 6.11"...

On Day 17, he was at 7.3"...

On Day 20 he was at 7.8"...

On Day 24 it was 8.1"

And by Day 30... I was measuring in at a whopping 8.73"!

Also, other parts of my body increased as well - I was kinda pumped and more muscular, although I didn't do any particular gym exercises during that period.

It was incredible... like nothing I'd ever experienced in my life.

And at that point, I honestly started getting kind of concerned... because I didn't want it to grow TOO big.

But at the same time...

I was also feeling more powerful, more confident, more like a wild animal than I ever had before...

So I kept going...

And my absurd hyper-growth kept going too.

Until, just 36 days after I began my erectile tissue expanding diet....

I was a human monster... with a 10.5" sword hanging on my belt.

At that point, I did stop.

10.5" was big enough for me – and nearly double the average man's penis size.

Plus, my penis hadn't just been growing in length... the circumference had been getting wider and wider too…

The feeling is indescribable, and I babbled on like a baby as I kept tearfully thanking

Dr. Kleimer again and again for what he’d done… For the first time in my life, I felt like a true man!

And when I looked at how incredibly big, thick and juicy my penis was, I felt like I had retired to paradise - twice as rich and five times happier!

After that, two things happened.

The first was that I got over my ex-fiancée Megan and the church humiliation moment FAST...

Every time I walked into a room I instantly knew I was the most powerful, most virile and most REAL man there.

And I had absolutely ZERO fear about talking to a woman anymore... because I knew that they were DESPERATE to get their hands (and other body parts) on what I had to give them.

Plus, once I did make love to a partner...

It was guaranteed she would be mine for as long as I wanted...

Between my powerful size... the rock-hard erections I could now get on-demand... and the incredible control I suddenly had over my orgasms...

Women were absolutely helpless.

They'd never been with a man like me before... and they sure as hell never wanted to go back to someone else.

And that brings me to the second thing that happened…

You see, De. Kleimer was thrilled for me, but he also said his work wasn’t finished yet.

He was a scientist, and he needed to test this discovery on a much larger population

before he’d openly admit that he’d found a legitimate and fully effective treatment to help any man unlock his true penis size!

This was easy, as men from all over the country started asking me my secret.

At first it was just local.

Guys in town would overhear their wives gossiping to each other about my "reputation"...

Then quietly contact me and ask if I would share it with them too.

Of course, I said yes...

And within a month… those guys had all experienced similar results as I had…

Growing 1"... 2"... 3" or more...

Finding that they suddenly had the happiest wives, or girlfriends on planet Earth...

And absolutely LOVING their transformation.

Before long, word was spreading all over town... and then, even people from other states started contacting me.

It was just insane!

And, to the utter astonishment of the skeptics, out of all the thousands of participants who tested this … every single one of them got a bigger penis!

And that was the point where Dr. Kleimer and I realized we needed to take everything we'd discovered...

The brain-penis growth connecting neurotransmitters, the erectile tissue hyper expanding ingredients, everything that was proven to work, not only to me, but to more than 1,450 initial volunteers…

And put them all into one comprehensive simple way that any man could follow…

And that could quickly and easily add an extra 1-3" to their penis in the next 30 days, while replacing fatigue with brand new energy to respark their sex drive.

So, we’ve teamed up with a buddy of mine who owned a small natural pharmaceutical company in Arizona.

We had the recipe and we had the medical knowledge.

The most difficult part was to gather all the ingredients.

You see... the market is full of counterfeit, cheap knock-offs of so-called "natural homeopathic ingredients".

Also, getting them from almost 3 continents was not an easy task to complete…

So, we searched the whole world through our scientific connections and contacted only certified producers and verified suppliers, making sure that for our recipe we used only top quality ingredients, with 100% effective properties and no secondary side effects.

It was hard and very difficult... We worked day and night testing and testing and then testing some more, making sure that we got the right quantities and the most effective combination of ingredients.

But... in the end, we did it.

Tears of joy filled my eyes as I held in my hand the ultimate male penis enhancement pill!

We called it: 'Hyper Male Force’

The only natural supplement which contains ALL 29 secret penis hyper growing ingredients that have been proven by more than 64,000 men to increase penis size by up to 3" in just a few weeks.

Each of these ingredients are powerful growth-stimulators in their own right...

But when combined together in the correct way, they result is a type of hyper-expansion that you never imagined possible.

Now, you may be wondering:

How does it work and why does it work so incredibly well?

Pay careful attention now, because the following information comes from cutting edge medical research and analysis, tested in more than 12 independent labs in the US and Europe, on an initial number of 1,450 brave volunteers.

Here’s a short and to the point explanation of each and every one of the secret ingredients used and how they work.

After lab testing, they have proven to be 100% effective ONLY in this formula, especially calculated and adjusted to give THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS FOR YOUR PENIS – both externally and internally.Stage 1: It all begins with the fast absorption of the ingredients

We sourced a total of over 29 top ingredients only from the purest locations, such as the Alps mountains of Europe, the fertile plains of India and western China, and from the best plantations in South Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya. And because of their natural purity, all the ingredients in Hyper Male Force are super easier for the body to absorb.

This happens because whenever our bodies detect that we give them something that is essential for our growth, they practically suck it up like a dry sponge.

In almost a fraction of a second, they start to rapidly spread through your body, triggering the growth processes.

Stage 2: You feel your brain is supercharged while cell regeneration kicks in

It’s now time to fully restock your supply of essential brain chemicals and growth hormones.This is an essential step in growing a larger penis.

The human body cannot grow without this simple nutrient: GABA or Gamma Aminobutyric Acid. And GABA has been called the penis’ premier neurotransmitter for a good reason, as it has been shown in numerous studies to increase growth hormone production by up to 400%.

To help achieve this, we’ve added a very precise combination of Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6, specially designed to enhance the absorption of GABA, which acts like a shot of natural steroids for the brain.

As you age, everything in your body gets smaller - including your brain, your muscles and your penis.

But now, this ultimate anti-aging blend will help grow your brain, fire up connections and help cell rejuvenation all across your body - especially at penis level.

Stage 3: The penis hyperexpansion begins, adding inch, after inch, after inch

To achieve this, Dr. Kleimer has devised a special proprietary blend of 19 ingredients, including Ashwagandha

- which is like the magic bullet for male health, boosting testosterone and increasing muscle mass and strength,

Rhodiola Rosea

and Hawthorn, which boost sexual desire,

and, of course Skullcap.

Now, mainstream medicine barely knows this exists, but studies now confirm it's the superstar of restoring the brain-penis-growth connection and it helps with getting strong, hard erections.

BUT WAIT, there’s more great stuff:

The rest of 15 similarly potent herbs will act like heat-misses which trigger a rapid hyper-expansion of your penis’ erectile tissue at a constant rate of up to 3 inches (or even 4 in some cases).

And, as an added bonus, these ingredients provide a natural fortification of the penis’ cartilage, making it steel-hard and preventing premature limpness.

No drug we’re aware of could match this effect, which could make 99% of the penis enhancement solutions out there obsolete.

Stage 4: When your brain is working the way it should, suddenly the rest of your body functions better

After just a couple of weeks after following this unique solution, you’ll be able to see and feel the difference in length and girth by up to 20%, 30% or even 67% more.

But that’s not all:

As your penis gets bigger, thicker and harder, your whole body will also begin to transform: you’ll feel your muscles better defined, your chest will begin to feel pumped and your arms and legs will gain power.

Moreover, unnecessary fat will slowly start to melt and in some cases, users have reported even a little hair rejuvenation, as a nice “side-effect”, Lemon Balm, another top-ingredient in Hyper Male Force, will help you sleep better and reduce stress and anxiety, making you feel stronger, more vital and happier.

And L-theanine, which is the mother of all amino acids, will supercharge and boost your entire system, helping you get better mental focus and increased brain power. I believe that just this one benefit will give you more fulfillment than you ever dreamed possible.

As long as you’ll take this, you’ll give your brain and body an energy boost that doesn’t quit.

Moreover, this repairs the damage present at testicular level, which in turn boosts the development of testosterone, promoting growth in muscle and bone mass.

But, despite all these extraordinary advantages, Hyper Male Force was designed with only ONE PRIMARY PURPOSE: TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE A LONGER PENIS.

And each morning you'll wake up, look in the mirror, and be SHOCKED by the growth you're seeing.

And the surge of confidence you now project, because you know you're an absolute alpha-male...

Will shock men and women alike!

Now that you know all of these...

You're probably asking two questions:

  1. Is there any way I can get my hands on this amazing supplement?
  2. When and in how much quantity should I take these supplements?

Well, to answer question 1 is a little bit tricky....

You see... the truth of the matter is that getting the right ingredients to make this powerful hyper penis enhancer is very hard.

Also... the people who already tested our product and had success increasing the size of their bad boy keep asking us for more bottles... for themselves... for their buddies...emptying our stocks in just a matter of days....

Moreover, Hyper Male Force is carefully produced only in small batches that take up to 3 months to deliver.

This process is essential to assure that the quality of the product is 100% effective.

Also, all across Asia, where you know they have a small penis problem, people are absolutely mad about this product, buying it faster than we can produce it.

But, we don't want anybody to feel wretched anymore and in the next few minutes, you'll find out how to get your hands on a brand-new bottle of supplements, as part of our awareness campaign.

Regarding how you should take the Hyper Male Force supplement, the answer is easy:

Take just 1 supplement on a daily basis, for at least 30 days.

You see, the positive effects inside your body are undeniable!

All the 29 natural ingredients have been especially selected and balanced to increase the erectile tissue of your penis and make you healthy again starting with the very first pill!

Of course, the first line of attack is to restore the brain-penis growth connection and getting your penis stronger, harder and longer.

But, depending on what size your current penis is and the level of other internal complications such as low testosterone levels, low level of cellular oxygenation or other sexual-related problems…the battle is hard…

And even though we practically guarantee that you’ll add at least 3 inches to your fire hose, what good that would be if you’d last only for 5 minutes with a hard on because of low hormonal levels and poor penile oxygenation?

You see, in order to repair the internal, unseen damages caused to your penis and testicles, it may take some time to see the results.

So, as a rule of thumb, after seeing the positive results of more than 35,000 patients suffering from Stage 4 penis shrinkage (which is very hard to cure with traditional methods), we recommend to take at the very least 2 bottles (4 bottles or more to be completely safe), for a period of 60 days.

This will absolutely guarantee that you will have a 100% bulletproof, strong and healthy penis and testicles for the rest of your life!

For the overwhelming number of men who use Hyper Male Force…

The increase in length and width they experience in their first 30 days is absolutely staggering.

They also report a remarkable ability to get erections on demand...

That they no longer suffer from any erectile dysfunction issues...

That their penises are noticeably harder during sexual activities...

And that they experience an incredible new level of control over their orgasms.

People like Greg D, age 51, who says:

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

“Honestly, when I first heard about Hyper Male Force, I thought it was just another rip-off. I didn't think it was possible to dramatically increase the size of your penis.

A friend tried it though, and he wouldn't stop talking about the results. So that's when I decided that I'd give it a shot.

Thank God I did. This was flat-out one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. I saw a 1.5" growth in the first month, and a 3.1" growth at the end of month two.

But it isn't just about length here. I'm noticeably thicker as well, and I'm experiencing the most powerful orgasms of my life.

Thanks Matthew, thanks Dr. Kleimer!”

Greg D, age 51

Or Garret A, age 47, who says:

“Check out these pictures. The first is a ruler, where I marked my 'measurement' on Day 1. The second is the same ruler, where I marked my 'measurement' after Day 30.

I don't think anyone can argue with this kind of results. This is revolutionary. I think women should be a little scared honestly. I know they love larger men, but Hyper Male Force is going to be creating some absolute monsters out there.”

Garret A, age 47

And Mike C, age 36 who says:

“It's embarrassing, but I started having problems 'getting it up' pretty early in my thirties. I got a prescription for Viagra, but at $15 a pill, it felt like robbery.

Not only did Hyper Male Force lead to a significant increase in length and girth... it also completely eliminated my E.D. and prostate problems. Words can't even express how happy I am about this.”

Mike C, age 36

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

Now given the fact that Hyper Male Force has already been proven to be effective by more than 64,000 men just like you...

You should be able to understand why originally, I wanted to sell this program for 297 dollars.

But, while I could honestly probably become a billionaire selling this program to the public at that price point... or even for much more...

For me, this simply is NOT about money.

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But 98% of Hyper Male Force users chose the 4 bottles package, and for a very good reason:

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Matthew North


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Hey, you still hanging around?

No worries – I can definitely understand that. Especially given the incredible secrets I've just told you.

Here's what I'll do to help straighten things out...

Let me go ahead and answer some of the most common questions I get asked about Hyper Male Force, so you can click that add to cart button with full confidence.

Question 1. Isn't it impossible for me to grow my penis?

The key to what makes Hyper Male Force so effective lies in how it works.

Other male "enhancement" pills and drugs send a rush of blood to your penis. That may make it look larger or fuller for a few moments, but they don't actually increase your overall size.

Hyper Male Force, on the other hand, has a totally new revolutionary approach:

According to Dr. Kleimer, a world famous penis reconstruction specialist, once the male puberty ends, your body, including your penis, stops growing, and, as time passes, everything begins to shrink. After nearly 20 years of research, Dr. Kleimer, has identified 29 essential hyper growing ingredients, meant to restore the brain-penis connection lost after puberty and restart the growing process, with a focus on the penis, but also throughout the rest of your body.

First of all, each of the 29 essential ingredients contain enzymes and nutrients that actually promote growth of your erectile tissue.

This will help any man reach the upper limits of massive penis size.

Which means no matter whether it's 1" you're after... or 5"... it's all possible.

Additionally, when men use this product they also frequently report experiencing:

  • A remarkable ability to get erections on demand...
  • That they no longer suffer from any erectile dysfunction issues...
  • That their penises are noticeably harder during sexual activities...
  • And that they have an incredible level of control over their orgasms.

Question 2: Can I take Hyper Male Force even if I have allergies or if I currently use other supplements?

Sure you can. We have made sure that this amazing penis enlarger weapon has no damaging effect on people who have various allergies – as the quantities of the ingredients inside are selected to be BELOW the allergy-triggering levels. Also, Hyper Male Force does not interfere with other supplements, as it targets EXACTLY only the erectile problems in your body. For more details, please check the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page.

Question 3: Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone suffering from erectile problems, small penis syndrome or low hormonal levels. This program is also diabetic friendly. In fact, many folks wrote to us saying that this program actually helped them recover from their type II diabetes. It has ZERO side effects, ZERO negative implication on any other supplement that you may be taking right now, ZERO dietary restrictions, but 100% guaranteed results!

Question 4: What happens once I click one of the options below?

Once you click one of the options below, you'll go to our 100% secure checkout page. You just enter your payment information, and place the order.

We'll immediately ship your bottles straight to your house.

It's that easy.

Question 5: How long does it really take to get results?

As I've told you – and I'm very proud to repeat this – as soon as you take one tablet, the battle against your small penis has already begun! The internal results are immediate, while the external results will begin to show in no time!

Question 6: What are the terms of that guarantee that you've mentioned?

Because I want you to feel completely confident in your investment today, I'm providing you with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Simply click one of the buttons below, and try the program out yourself in the next 60 days.

If you don't get the results I promised... or you're unsatisfied for any reason... simply send an email to us in the Members' Area, and I'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

It should be clear that if I thought this wasn't going to work, there's no way I would make such an offer. But I do know this will work... a total of more than 64,000 people have already proven it.

Question 7: How long will this program be available to the public?

Well, I'm not really sure, but history has shown us that Big Pharma and the Sex Industry moguls are not afraid to spend millions of dollars in legal fees to get something that threatens their very existence.

If you think about it, that makes sense... wouldn't you spend 1 million dollars in lawyer costs to protect the $13 billion per year you make?

In other words, if you are truly serious about increasing the length of your penis in no time, you need to take action immediately.

Question 8: How do I get the Hyper Male Force?

This one is easy: Simply choose your package by clicking on one of the options below, and try out the entire program for yourself, for 60 days, with absolutely no risk. If you are unhappy for any reason, you'll be given a prompt refund, no questions asked...

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I can't wait to hear about your results!


$69/ bottle

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Total: $69

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